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How to choose your cues in 8 Ball Pool?

Are you looking for the best cues for yourself in 8 Ball Pool?


There are many cues in the in-game store that you can choose from. There are four main properties and they are Aim, Power, Spin and Time. Aim determines the length of your guideline when taking a shot. Power is proportional to how hard you can hit the cue ball. Spin is the amount of spin you can put in your shot. Time represents the amount of time you can have before taking your shot.


Each cue have a different combination of the 4 properties and their price depends on the stats of the cue. There are 3 categories for the cues: Standard, Premium, and Country. You can purchase Standard ones with the coins you earn in the game. Whereas for Premium and Country ones, you have to get them with Pool Cash.


Depending on your playing style and preference, you may find a suitable cue in the store. If you need more tips on how to earn more coins to purchase a good cue, check out our guide which will help you get more coins. If you need some extra help during your game, you can also purchase Cues With Powers by accessing your shop. Play 8 Ball Pool on PC now and pick out the best cue for yourself!