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What are the rewards in 8 Ball Pool?


Match/Tournament Rewards

You will be rewarded with coins and points for winning 1 to 1 matches in 8 Ball Pool. Winning a player with more coins will allow you to win more coins. If you need more tips on how to win matches, you can check out our guide.


Weekly Rewards

Login weekly to claim your reward. You should be getting the reward on your first login of the week (in most cases, Monday). Sometimes, you may take a little longer to receive the reward but you will definitely get it just by logging in.

Spin Rewards

Play 8 Ball Pool every day in order to get a free daily spin. Pull the lever and hope for the best! Good luck to you on your spin! If you want more spins, you are able to purchase them with credits.


League Rewards

If you perform well and finish in the top 3 of the weekly My League, or the Friends, Country or Global leaderboards. You are able to claim your reward! These prizes vary for each leaderboard you may check out them out when you open the leaderboard.


It’s time to win these prizes in 8 Ball Pool! You can play 8 Ball Pool on PC/Mac today!