About 8 Ball Pool

Introducing the biggest, and the world’s number 1 pool game online, Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool. Ever wondered how to play like the world renown Efren “The Magician” Bata Reyes, or how about the English Phenom Darren “Dynamite” Appleton? Those may be some examples of the players you may want to be. Make your dreams come true in Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool.

8 Ball Pool is the world’s number 1 pool game right now, played by millions of players in different countries. Play with your family, friends and other players all around the world! This is the most played pool game online, did we also mention that this is FREE? Try out 8 Ball Pool now!


Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool has a lot of features that you can explore inside the game. You can play 1 on 1 matches with players all around the world. Enter customized 8 player tournaments to win lots of coins. Use coins that you have earned to customize your cues, clothes and to buy new items from the Pool Shop. Challenge your friends online anytime you want by signing into your Miniclip or Facebook account. Of course, while playing often you will level up and increase your world ranking. You will challenge tougher opponents with higher ranks as well. If you enjoy a challenge, it’s time to start playing 8 Ball Pool? Defeat all your opponents and be the greatest 8 Ball Pool player online!

Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool gives a fair online billiards experience and rewards players who use speedy turns. Players must train how to quickly clear tables so that they can get higher scores. This is one of the strategies that we have tried and it works incredibly well on quick 1-on-1 matches. It also has a good level-up system that lets you increase facets of your game that you think needs improvement in the style of your play. And the ability to bet your game coins currency on the result of your head-to-head matches that makes online battle with other players profitable and intense.

What’s New?

Do you know what’s more fun than playing 1-on-1 matches or tournaments? Playing it with your friends in a club, Introducing Pool Clubs! It is the most sought-after feature every player in the world wants to have, to be able to join or create a club to win matches and get the biggest rewards in tournaments together with your friends.

Here are some of the things you can do with the all-new 8 Ball Pool, Pool Clubs!

  • Join or create a Club of your own.
  • Play and win to get your Club increased coin earnings.
  • Win weekly rewards for the top positions in the league, Local and International Leaderboards.
  • Make friends and chat with them on the open Clubs chat.
  • Know who’s the best by challenging anyone in your Club.
  • Climb up the Club leagues weekly to reach Diamond League and become the ultimate Club in the world.

With this new update, there are many challenges and tournaments you can play as well as create the best Club in the world, Download and play 8 Ball Pool game for free on PC today!

Download 8 Ball Pool Today for PC and Mac!