Free Coins

Having a hard time collecting and saving coins for that precious new cue? Or thinking of buying the new costume that you’ve always wanted? Wanted to get lots of coins but you don’t have the time to play multiple hours of match? Well in this page we’ve gathered ways on how you’ll get those coins in the shortest time.

Found online is a bunch of 8 Ball Pool Reward where you can get free coins, gifts, scratchers and cue pieces. There are website shares more about the multiple freebies that you can get depending on the date when they can claim the rewards:
Here some websites which you can use: [No longer works]

Another possible but risky way is to download a game modifier. You can find them easily online. Such programs can modify anything found in the game by changing codes found in the app. It will amend some of the game content so it is advisable to play it in a private server as there is a huge chance that you will get caught by Miniclip and ban you by using this 3rd party program.

Downloading a hacked APK is another example on how to get free coins, some have private servers (that one is the best possible way if you want to do it) or some in their original global server. You may learn more about in our 8 Ball Pool hacks page. Miniclip is keen on blocking and banning such cheats though so you should be careful when using a hacked APK of the game.

Here are some of the websites where you can find modded APK of the game:

Now there is a legal way to get free coins from the game and it comes from Miniclip themselves. As a user, you just have to subscribe to their emails to receive some of their online advertisement publication. Though it is not that many free coins as compared to the other options, we can assure our readers that you will encounter any problems with the game developers themselves by using this method.

To subscribe from them you have to link your email to the Miniclip website, create an account, and subscribe from their daily news.

If you want to play this game and be the best pool player online, download and play 8 Ball Pool game for free on PC today!