How to auto win in 8 Ball Pool?

To win at 8 Ball Pool, you first have to establish a “solid” break; or a clean distribution of the balls after the first shot. Obviously you can “auto” win at 8 Ball Pool if the “8 ball” goes in any pocket on the break shot and you don’t hit the cue ball in the pocket as well. The cue ball in imperative to obtaining the “auto” win.


Successfully hitting the “8-ball” in a pocket after the break is extremely rare and requires precise accuracy. There are many different approaches that people use to facilitate the best chance of sinking the 8-ball on the break or first shot for the “auto” win. Most place the cue ball at an angle which allows for the most viable penetration or path of least resistance to the 8-ball.


Another way to “auto” win is when your opponent hits the cue ball in a pocket while trying to sink the final ball or 8-ball. This is commonly known as a “scratch” when the cue ball is hit into a pocket. If an opponent scratches when attempting to hit the final ball or the 8-ball, this will also result in an “auto” win.


The final way to “auto” win is to successfully sink all the balls (either solid or stripes) first and then successfully sinking the 8-ball last. You do not have to hit the balls in any order despite all of the ball containing a numerical value. Be reminded that your opponent cannot scratch while trying to sink the 8-ball. If your opponent does scratch while trying to sink the 8-ball, you will “auto” win as mentioned above. There are some 8 ball games that require a person to “call” or indicate the pocket where he will sink the 8-ball. If the 8-ball goes in another pocket other than the pocket the player indicated prior to shooting, that can also result in an “auto” win when playing 8-ball.


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