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What is the 8 Ball Pool guideline?

The guideline is a solid line that protrudes from the end of your cue to provide guidance on when the cue ball will travel. It is calculated based on the power and spin applied. When the cue ball is aimed such that it will make contact with other balls (or several balls) a subsequent tangential line is shown. This will indicate the direction of travel for not only the cue ball after contact is made but also the direction of travel for the other balls too.

By utilizing the guideline, shots ranging from the simplest pots to the most complex trick shots can be better achieved. It shows the direction of travel for the cue ball and any balls in contact. It also provides an indication of the distance of travel – based on the amount of power selected for each shot. Again, this is essential in preparing and taking shots throughout the game.

In order to excel and achieve victory in 8 Ball Pool, you have to pay close attention to the guideline. Even minute adjustments to the angle and power of a shot can have a significant impact on the outcome of the shot. By carefully observing the line, it is possible to achieve a more successful outcome of any given shot.

Do note that there are instances, particularly that long-distance shots, where the guideline does not provide full and comprehensive guidance. On longer distance shots, the guideline generally shows a short amount of the ball’s travel. It will require more skills and estimation when lining up a long-distance shot. Do hit up our hacks page for more tips!

In closing, the guideline in 8 Ball Pool is an essential feature and tool. Success would prove incredibly difficult to attain without it. Try out your trick shots in 8 Ball Pool with the help of the guideline today!

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