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Hoe de 8 Ball Pool Championships te winnen?

There is no clear and easy way to win the 8 ball pool championship. To get better was to watch a lot of videos on both youtube and 8 Ball Pool Facebook page which shows you how to execute trick shots. Do refer to our hacks page for more tips and also for gratis munten. There are many Youtube videos which give you details on how-tos in competitions. Watching them can give you ideas of shots that you may never have previously considered.

For example, using the spin feature is really good in tight spots and there are a lot of guides that will give you an idea of how to do this. This will help you win against particularly smart opponents who look to shut you out.

You can gain an advantage by getting better cues from the store. The first cues you get are basic but the subsequent ones come with far better traits. Getting better cues will help with your shots and win rates.

You may be tempted to go the higher tables to earn more coins and rewards but this may not a good idea when you are just starting out. You are better practicing on lower tables and getting better than losing your credits to sharks. Choose your table wisely, move up when you are ready and this will help you earn enough to get a good cue for the championship.


Some people also find it handy to use a straight edge against your device to take the shot. This will ensure that the shot will be as accurate as you intended and will help as a guide. The only issue would be the time, there is a time limit for each shot. Missing a shot will put you in obvious trouble if you aren’t quick enough.

The only real way to get better though is to play, play and play. The more you practice the better you’ll get! Download 8 Ball Pool on your PC/Mac now!

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